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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Wed Oct 18 10:06:03 AEST 2006

At 04:54 PM 17/10/2006, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> > From the RFID privacy perspective, there are guidelines
> > you can turn to. So far from what I can tell, this application
> > meets those guidelines.

Thanks for sharing, Stephen. I've had a look and they are 
interesting, but old and weak. They are doing more in creating the 
code that will soon be released for comment. However, it will only 
apply to signatories and is completely voluntary by small business 
requiring them to formally opt in to participation in and coverage by the code.

Nothing is addressing data matching of transactions occuring at Point 
of sale, however. I've been told by Aust Retail Assoc. reps that the 
Scanning Code of Practice is relevant for that, but having just read 
that document, it doesn't mention it at all. Additionally, that code 
ONLY applies to supermarkets, no mention of coverage for non-food 
implementation like clothing or hardware uses which also use scanning 
technologies. Just like the smartcard debate, the back office use of 
data is often the unseen problem from the consumer perspective, as is 
lack of breadth to whom these codes apply.

Another interesting summary source I discovered is a Caslon Analytics report:
It says it hasn't been updated since 2004, but has a lot of the 
debate relatively well outlined. I didn't see much new here that 
hasn't been canvassed on link or the privacy discussion list, but 
worth bookmarking as a place where the debate is drawn together.


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