lean production and value Re: blind leading the blind Re: [LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Wed Oct 18 15:24:14 AEST 2006


Vic has proved he can count to at least 7, and has some grasp of 
ordinal numbers.

Those 15 years you spent in Grade 4 weren't wasted Old Son! Congratulations!

Hey ... I did three years of business studies at school and saw heaps 
of them come and go. (Theories I mean.)

'Just in time', 'Lean production' .... hey whatever. I'm not interested Vic.

You see I joined the LINK list because I thought I'd see some 
discussion on the topics that the list was established to discuss ... 
not because I thought I would be exposed to some inconsistent, 
rambling, insulting, anti-social maniac with a penchant for 
discussing mainly non-LINK related material across a very narrow 
range range of topics. I joined LINK because I was interested in 
seeing what technology applications appeared in different fields ... 
not becuase I wanted an exposition every second message on the 
oh-so-narrow non-LINK range of interests you espouse.

And I was here long before you, Vic. And I'll be here long after you leave.

And in the interim ... I'm gonna have some fun abusing your 
defenceless bigoted myopic ass anytime and everytime I feel inclined 
to. Hey, you inflict your noise on me (and I can't filter everyone on 
the List you've offended over time) ... and I'll have some fun trying 
to make you see the error of your ways.

No skin off my nose ...    :)


At 11:42 AM +1000 on 18/10/06 you wrote:
>Frank O'Connor [foconnor at ozemail.com.au] wrote:
>>  Brilliant ... My Economic God!
>1st insult.
>>  So there's absolutely no discipline, no standards you submit to when
>>  using expressions and ideas.
>2 insult.
>>  Words can mean whatever you say they mean ... and the rest of us can
>>  interpret them as we like.
>this is the language of business frank. clearly you are not in business
>or at best you are self employed.
>>  And you keep coming back to the notion of 'value' - a highly
>>  subjective
>I think that was a point I made.
>>  I mean ... you value crap, whilst the rest us us don't.
>3rd insult.
>>  You are an economic neophyte, Vic - flouncing around reading whatever
>4th insult.
>>  That's why you're a weasel Vic. That's one reason you're so objectionable.
>5th insult. 6th insult.
>>  If you want to talk about value, Vic ... you don't add any to any
>>  discussion or thread I've seen you in.
>7th insult.
>>  ... you and your 'ideas' are not worth serious attention.
>8th insult.
>now this is the good bit, the toyota lean production model of value
>chain management is the most widely used business paradigm in operation
>today. it is also the most successful.  in this model profit and value add
>are one and the same. value is what the customer is paying for. therefor
>profit is the value add that a business applies to its inputs to create
>the total value the customer is prepared to pay for.
>I find it strange the frank dismisses lean production or kayzen as
>comming from a conservative source or "not worth serious attention".
>lean production is also know as "just in time" production.
>all large and successful companies take it very seriously. in fact
>every business should take it very seriously. its applicable not just to
>goods but to services as well.
>to understand business requires a clear understanding of "value". not
>understanding what is meant by "value" means talking about business is
>like talking with a chemist and not understanding what is meant by 
>atoms and molecules.
>so frank are you going to respond with yet another string of insults or
>are you prepared to make an effort to understand?

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