[LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Frank O'Connor foconnor at ozemail.com.au
Wed Oct 18 15:12:49 AEST 2006

And the Vicster can't understand why people aren't nice to him!

(Study the word 'reciprocity' Vic ... work out its meaning ... apply 
it to yourself.)

Lets see ... we know where Jan's area of expertise is ... but we have 
no idea of yours Vic.

What does this business you purportedly run, actually do?

I mean you use the appellation 'communists' and 'leftist' to people 
in this list who we all know run their own businesses, or are 
academics of some standing in their fields, or who represent private 
industry and government funded bodies and associations trying to get 
things done .... but you my perennial whiner - what is it that you do?

Richard raised an interesting question a few posts back about the 
various PR hacks that abound so non-productively in our current 
world. I'm guessing that actually is your little slot in life - a 
spewer of unsubstantiated venom and lies on behalf of someone who 
pays you to do it. Someone with all the ethics and moral fortitude of 
a lump of gob jelly.

What exactly are your bona fides, Vic? Why should we trust any of 
your opinions ... and that is all they are.

Me? I've run my own businesses in the past, and currently work as a 
researcher and analyst. I've won research awards from the OECD, 
Harvard Uni, University of Tokyo, University of Bath and other 
academic institutions for my work. I've been cited in numerous papers 
from third parties. I've taken two degrees, been variously a 
professional fisherman, an ISP, a music promoter and record shop 
owner, a scriptwriter and a film producer, a journalist and a 
property developer. I've never taken the dole in my life - because 
I've never needed it. Yeah Vic ... I'm one of those 'lefties', those 
'commies', those 'dole bludgers' you rail on about when you let your 
mouth go.

So, when people take exception to your noise and incessant rantings - 
take a look at yourself, Old Son. Be a bit honest. You're a poor 
excuse for a human - indeed I doubt we share the same genome.


At 11:09 AM +1000 on 18/10/06 you wrote:
>Jan Whitaker [jwhit at melbpc.org.au] wrote:
>>  Just like the smartcard debate, the back office use of
>>  data is often the unseen problem from the consumer perspective, as is
>>  lack of breadth to whom these codes apply.
>here is jan yet again pretending she has some special insight into the
>consumer.  I wonder what magic potion she is talking to get this
>mystical insight? or how she got elect by consumers to be a
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