self immolation Re: [LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Deus Ex Machina vicc at
Thu Oct 19 08:50:56 AEST 2006

Stephen Loosley [stephen at] wrote:
> My personal thanks to all those on Link who do take a pro-active approach
> to privacy, You have helped one to realize, privacy IS important, and, thanks
> to those on Link whom are defending our rights, but also running a personal
> risk of ridicule by maybe less-well-informed, and less far-sighted au citizens.

of course privacy is important, its the only tool in the arsenal of the
commie to bash business with.

we have been told that the rights of business are always inferior to

we have been told that by definition privacy is always an issue that
business can not possibly address.

we have been told that privacy apparently trumps the property rights of

we have been told criminal must have privacy rights which are
more important then the right of the victims.

we have been told rfid must never be used with consumers because it
might make some of them feel uncomfortable.

clearly in the mind of the commie clutching at privacy is paramount,
because we all know wars have been thought over privacy, people
frequently lay down their lives in the name of privacy and inferior
rights like property should probably be eliminated.

so I invite the privacy advocate to follow the above principle of laying
down their lives in a ceremonial self immolation on the steps of
parliament house.

of course the media wont be allowed to film the event because it will
have to be carried out in private.


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