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Geoffrey Ramadan gramadan at umd.com.au
Thu Oct 19 09:23:13 AEST 2006

Stephen Loosley wrote:
> At 10:06 AM 18/10/2006, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>> Public Policy Steering Committee (PPSC)
>>> http://www.epcglobalinc.org/public/ppsc_faq/
>> Thanks for sharing, Stephen. I've had a look and they are interesting,
>> but old and weak.  They are doing more in creating the code that will
>> soon be released for comment. However, it will only apply to signatories
>> and is completely voluntary by small business requiring them to formally
>> opt in to participation in and coverage by the code.
> Thank you, Jan. For some reason my comments weren't attached to the
> email I sent, just the quotes. But you've encapsulated the problem exactly.
> As far as one can find, the RFID industry's conduct-code is old and weak,
> as you have found also, and only basically applies to major B2B suppliers.
This was because the original push in UHF RFID technology and R&D, by 
EPC group etc, was only for tracking of stock, so their privacy 
recommendations only reflected on this.

> Nb, perhaps they have an industry secret code that they have yet to share.
> Those voluntary codes one can find do not at all appear to cover RFID tags
> for people, so, once again, the technology seems way ahead of reasonable
I would agree with this.

> societal-safeguards. Geoff Ramadan seems to be taking a reasonably hard
> working approach to defending his industry, and good on him for that, but it's
> a huge task in view of his industry's apparent tardiness in addressing issues.
> Here's another example .. so, what rights do prisoners have re RFID privacy?
I would argue none.

Being in prison is already about removing peoples, freedoms, privileges 
and rights against their will. This is just the same intrusion but based 
on a different form of technology.

i.e. RFID is a more effective and safer way of doing what they are 
already doing (which is being constantly monitored and restrained)

RFID has also be used to return some freedoms and privileges to 
prisoners via Home Detention.

Geoffrey Ramadan B.E.(Elec)
Chairman, Automatic Data Capture Association (www.adca.com.au)
Managing Director, Unique Micro Design (www.umd.com.au)

> "Prison tags pending: THE ACT is still yet to decide who will provide the RFID
> systems that will be used in the territory's first prison - a project heralded as the
> first of its kind in Australia."
> http://email.news.com.au/ct/click?q=bf-Jt4fQ8ZrssxZaGu5w1dA
> My personal thanks to all those on Link who do take a pro-active approach
> to privacy, You have helped one to realize, privacy IS important, and, thanks
> to those on Link whom are defending our rights, but also running a personal
> risk of ridicule by maybe less-well-informed, and less far-sighted au citizens.
> 3 Cheers Jan,
> Stephen Loosley
> Melbourne, Australia
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