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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Thu Oct 19 10:39:05 AEST 2006

At 09:06 AM 19/10/2006, Tom Worthington wrote:
>We seem to be moving to this by default. I was trained to remove my 
>identity card when leaving the workplace for security reasons. But 
>everyone else seems to wear their identity card at lunchtime at the 
>mall. A high resolution camera would be able to read these and track everyone.

two thoughts:
- Good advice: remember to remove your name tag when at a conference 
so you don't look like a tourist when you go out in the city area and 
take the chance of being mugged

- Story: stopped in the Williamstown Police Station while doing some 
research for a book and as soon as we mentioned that, the guy at the 
desk immediately covered and removed his name badge. The question we 
had was why are police badges so easy to remove? It reminded me of 
the WTO demonstrations in Melbourne, the other September 11 event, 
when the cops took off any identifying aspects as they attacked the 
demonstrators with billy clubs.  It seems we have at least two 
'rules' when it comes to providing identification, even in a police station.


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