[LINK] Airport to tag passengers

Deus Ex Machina vicc at cia.com.au
Thu Oct 19 10:48:19 AEST 2006

Jan Whitaker [jwhit at melbpc.org.au] wrote:
> - Story: stopped in the Williamstown Police Station while doing some 
> research for a book and as soon as we mentioned that, the guy at the 
> desk immediately covered and removed his name badge. The question we 
> had was why are police badges so easy to remove? It reminded me of 
> the WTO demonstrations in Melbourne, the other September 11 event, 
> when the cops took off any identifying aspects as they attacked the 
> demonstrators with billy clubs.  It seems we have at least two 
> 'rules' when it comes to providing identification, even in a police station.

this is privacy in action. yet again we see that privacy is only
something for the protesting ferral. police that have to resort to
force against unrully commies (and arnt they all) might be personally
targeted in revenge attacks by said ferral.

as usual its one rule for the commie and one rule for everyone else.


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