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Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Thu Oct 19 22:33:52 AEST 2006

Yes, I read a blog the other week where the author commented
[I never thought I'd be able] 'to type the words "America tortures 
people, and locks them up without trial, violating not just the 
Constitution but the Magna frikkin Carta" in any context other than satire.'

And hes right - the US government appears to be in breach of legal 
principles laid down 800 years ago!
Interesting times, people, interesting times :(

Lea de Groot

Kim Holburn wrote:
> Yeah, it's extraordinary isn't it.  5 years ago I don't think people 
> would have done this.  It shows, I think, how radical the US govt. has 
> become and how little trust many people have in them now.
> On 2006 Oct 19, at 9:48 PM, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>> I urge everyone to read this.  Treat it with whatever dose of salt you 
>> feel appropriate, but in my book it is really scary...and we are 
>> allies with the US...?
>> Kim Holburn wrote:
>>> http://villagevoice.com/news/0642,torturetaxi,74732,2.html
>>>> A Village Voice story, which Steven Bellovin mentioned on a crypto 
>>>> mailing list, details how "planespotters" used air traffic control 
>>>> data, registration information, flight plans and Freedom of 
>>>> Information Act requests to document CIA torture flights.
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