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Fri Oct 20 12:43:16 AEST 2006

Oh come on!  Bush is a BabyBoomer!  Most of them types act and behave the 
same!  Their goal is the live better than their parents, and leave nothing 
for the future!

Howard might be right:  Bush might leave not Global Warming but Nuclear 
Winter.  he's just hunting for a reason to press a few buttons.

At 10:33 PM 19/10/2006, Lea de Groot wrote:
>Yes, I read a blog the other week where the author commented
>[I never thought I'd be able] 'to type the words "America tortures people, 
>and locks them up without trial, violating not just the Constitution but 
>the Magna frikkin Carta" in any context other than satire.'
>And hes right - the US government appears to be in breach of legal 
>principles laid down 800 years ago!
>Interesting times, people, interesting times :(
>Lea de Groot
>Kim Holburn wrote:
>>Yeah, it's extraordinary isn't it.  5 years ago I don't think people 
>>would have done this.  It shows, I think, how radical the US govt. has 
>>become and how little trust many people have in them now.
>>On 2006 Oct 19, at 9:48 PM, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>>>I urge everyone to read this.  Treat it with whatever dose of salt you 
>>>feel appropriate, but in my book it is really scary...and we are allies 
>>>with the US...?
>>>Kim Holburn wrote:
>>>>>A Village Voice story, which Steven Bellovin mentioned on a crypto 
>>>>>mailing list, details how "planespotters" used air traffic control 
>>>>>data, registration information, flight plans and Freedom of 
>>>>>Information Act requests to document CIA torture flights.
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