[LINK] US No-Fly lists even dumber than suspected

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Fri Oct 20 09:02:38 AEST 2006


> The TSA's lists contain people who are dead. They contain  
> incredibly common names like "Robert Johnson." Even worse, because  
> the gargantuan lists have to be widely circulated, the CIA won't  
> allow the names of ACTUAL terrorist suspects to be added to them.

> Cathy Berrick, the Director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues  
> for the General Accounting Office told Kroft that the lists that  
> the airlines get have been sanitized of the most sensitive  
> information.
> "They're not given all of the names for security reasons because  
> the government doesn't want to have that information outside of the  
> government," Berrick says.
> "But if the point of the system is to keep dangerous people from  
> getting on airplanes, why would you leave some of the potentially  
> most dangerous people off the list?" Kroft asks.

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