[LINK] privacy protection for phone number database

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Fri Oct 20 12:46:56 AEST 2006

At 07:51 AM 20/10/2006, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
>Stephen Loosley wrote:
>>One imagines for start-up VoIP providers, customer information
>>might be their most valuable asset, (especially if they have IPND
>>access?) thus, strongish laws in this area may appear advisable.
>In general - you'd have to look on at individual providers to confirm this 
>100% - but in general VoIP providers don't use the IPND. Most of them run 
>private numbering systems.
>The IPND has to be public, or at least accessible in the industry, but 
>abuses have to be prevented.
>The customer information is vital to all carriers, of course!

Todd -v- Telstra SCNSW September 2001

An individual can not take a private cause of action under the Privacy 
Act.  (Even though the individual was not a Telstra customer.)

We don't have a Civil Tort of invasion or privacy, or even one of privacy.

So if you have details in the IPND the Telstra is at their own discretion 
what they wish to do with it, because you can't prevent them and a law 
won't prevent it either.

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