[LINK] privacy protection for phone number database

Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Fri Oct 20 16:22:24 AEST 2006

Adam Todd wrote:
> So if you have details in the IPND the Telstra is at their own 
> discretion what they wish to do with it, because you can't prevent them 
> and a law won't prevent it either.

In fact, you have to pay a fee not to be listed.
Some years ago I moved and connected a landline, as one does (or did, 
back then ;)). The nice lady at Telstra asked me if I wanted to be in 
the directory? 'No, not particularly' I answered. And so she doesn't 
list me.
Roll forward several years and I receive a letter from Telstra telling 
me that I have been wrongly not-listed without charge, and if I wish it 
to continue I'd have to pay $X per month.
I shouldn't complain - at least they didn't backbill me!


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