[LINK] privacy protection for phone number database

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Fri Oct 20 19:41:37 AEST 2006

At 04:22 PM 20/10/2006, Lea de Groot wrote:
>Adam Todd wrote:
>>So if you have details in the IPND the Telstra is at their own discretion 
>>what they wish to do with it, because you can't prevent them and a law 
>>won't prevent it either.
>In fact, you have to pay a fee not to be listed.

Usually. but if you are with another carrier, just ask that your entry not 
appear in the directory.  That is NOT the same as a silent number, but it 
doesn't show up :)

If you are with, god know why, Telstra, ask for a NULL entry, say because 
you have other entries in the phone book and you don't want people calling 
the number you are using for your modem or fax as it would be useless.

They'll try and sell you broadband, fax stream duet and ISDN, just say "No 
thanks"  :)

>Some years ago I moved and connected a landline, as one does (or did, back 
>then ;)).

HA!  I wish it was as simple as you put!

>The nice lady at Telstra asked me if I wanted to be in the directory? 'No, 
>not particularly' I answered. And so she doesn't list me.

Yep :)

>Roll forward several years and I receive a letter from Telstra telling me 
>that I have been wrongly not-listed without charge, and if I wish it to 
>continue I'd have to pay $X per month.
>I shouldn't complain - at least they didn't backbill me!

Just tell them you want a NULL entry :)  Simple!

Or even better try another carrier.  I can give you some referrals in 
private if you like :)

Or if you want to go really slick try a VoIP service - you can change your 
number every 3 months then :)  (Although why you'd do that unless you were 
norti, is beyond me!)

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