[LINK] RFID Tagging of Children

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Mon Oct 23 00:32:53 AEST 2006

>>In other circumstances the choice must be maintained. For example, 
>>tagging children may be acceptable to some paranoid parents. But others 
>>would never subject their children to being cattle (e-sheep, given the 
>>latest stories from the agriculture arena).

Yep, I'd love to RFID tag my kids!  Then I could know when they were coming 
towards me and I could hide!

>If I can digress here and relay a real requirement proposed to us:
>a) Organisation A - is running a large event with minors (mainly under 18) 
>(no parents, only supervisors)
>b) Organisation A - wants efficient system to ensure its duty of care 
>obligations are met

What duty of care obligations?

That their staff aren't peodaphioles? Or restricted?  or Sex Offenders?

How does RFID tagging kids prevent that!

>In particular
>- Ensuring all Minors go and return from various day events

You mean someone can't walk around the location and see that no one is 
standing in the middle of the field?

Strangely for the last umteen thousand years, few children have been left 
behind at functions and events.

Geez, maybe Jesus needed RFID to keep track of his Apostles!

>- Ensuring "correct" parents pick up minors

Yeah right.  Even the Family Court and Schools, and Child Protection 
Authorities and the Police can't get that one right!

You think RFID will!

>Also, system required to
>- Ensure food rations supplied

What's wrong with tickets and punch cards?

This also have happened for hundreds of years without RFID.

>- Any special dietary requirements noted and observed

Bracelets and common sense.

Again, hasn't been a majority problem for thousands of years.

>- Able to look up any health needs in case of emergency.

WOAH!  That opens a WHOLE pile of issues!

Whom?  What?  How? When?  What Authority?  What defines an emergency?

>Our customer wanted to supply RFID tags to the minors for the duration of 
>the event.

As a Ticket, with a number that is not attached to a name or any other 
detail, no, it's a great idea.

As a device that connects to personal information that identifies the 
movements, person and other details, Yes.

>Would anyone have any issues in this provided the principles outlines in:
>were followed?
>As a parent, would you object to this?

Yes.  Because one will be told the principals are followed, but the reality 
is, they never are.

Law and Codes aren't there to be followed, they are there to make the 
public think that something is as it seems.

I keep telling people - the Police do NOT have a right to come onto private 
property even with a warrant or a court order, but the Government and 
Police keep telling the public they do.

You can't make a law allowing something to do something you aren't allowed 
to do!

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