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from Fwd: APO Weekly Briefing, 25 October 2006

May be of interest to linkers.

>Rhonda Jolly and Justine Clarke / Information and Research Services, 
>Parliamentary Library
>This Bill amends the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and the 
>Radiocommunications Act 1992 to broaden the range of enforcement 
>powers available to the Australian Communications and Media 
>Authority. This report provides background information on the 
>creation of the Australian Communications and Media Authority and 
>details the amendments and how they will affect the major players in 
>the industry. Posted 24-10-2006

>Damien O'Brien and Brian Fitzgerald / Faculty of Law, QUT
>A 12 year old girl uploads a video of herself lip syncing the latest 
>Shakira pop song onto YouTube and is served with a copyright 
>infringement notice. Has she breached copyright law? Has she 
>infringed moral rights or performers' rights? Can YouTube be held 
>liable for authorising copyright infringement? This article will 
>provide an overview of key copyright law issues facing online video 
>sharing websites, such as YouTube from an Australian perspective. 
>Posted 19-10-2006

you might also ask the question of the current Australian Idol contests.....

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