Ubuntu was Re: [LINK] Fwd: MR127-2006: ACMA and ISPs combine to fight ___zombies___ and improve internet e-security

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Thu Oct 26 12:37:18 AEST 2006

Alan L Tyree wrote:
> It's just you :-). Looks ok in Firefox 2 running on Ubuntu etch.

My 2003 Knoppix  has worked well ..but it seems the time has come for
the next gen.

I have been trialing Ubuntu Breezy Badger and it has worked well with
but I am not sure about which email package to go with....linkers
thoughts on the subject would be welcome...Is Etch/Edgy the latest
version of Ubuntu anyone have comments on other Linux options?

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