[LINK] 8 Historical articles from The Atlantic on Innovation

Eleanor Lister eleanor at pacific.net.au
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The Atlantic magazine, September issue, includes excerpts from eight
articles in its archive of stories, that dealt with the future impact
of technology.  The articles are:

    The Age of Photography - Oliver Wendell Homes - June 1859
    A Telephonic Conversation - Mark Twain - June 1880
    The New Talking Machines - Philip Hubert - Feburary 1889 (records)
    Life as We Know It - Arthur D. Little - July 1924 (mass production)
    Television and Radio - Gilbert Seldes - May 1937
    As We May Think - Vannevar Bush - July 1945
    Moving Towards Clonal Man - James D. Watson - May 1971
    Living With a Computer - James Fallow - July 1982 (PCs)

Excerpt and the full text of these articles is available at their Web
site:   www.theatlantic.com/ideastour/technology/


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