[LINK] 8 Historical articles from The Atlantic on Innovation

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At 10:13 AM 27/10/2006, Eleanor Lister wrote:
>    The Age of Photography - Oliver Wendell Homes - June 1859
>    A Telephonic Conversation - Mark Twain - June 1880
>    The New Talking Machines - Philip Hubert - Feburary 1889 (records)
>    Life as We Know It - Arthur D. Little - July 1924 (mass production)
>    Television and Radio - Gilbert Seldes - May 1937
>    As We May Think - Vannevar Bush - July 1945
>    Moving Towards Clonal Man - James D. Watson - May 1971
>    Living With a Computer - James Fallow - July 1982 (PCs)
>Excerpt and the full text of these articles is available at their Web
>site:   www.theatlantic.com/ideastour/technology/

Thanks, Eleanor! This is excellent. I've saved a copy of each of the 
full articles to read later and not forget them. I did read two:
- The telephone one by Mark Twain is the essence of modern day mobile 
phone eavesdropping
- The Television one by Gilbert Seldes. It's parallel to the digital 
tv introduction going on right now. He also gives a very good basic 
description of how analogue tv works.

Looking forward to reading the rest. Also, this is part of an Ideas 
set from their archives on all sorts of topics, including an 
intriguing one called Markets and Morals.


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