[LINK] ICANN phishing

Kim Davies kim at cynosure.com.au
Sat Oct 28 02:26:00 AEST 2006

Quoting Roger Clarke on Friday October 27, 2006:
| I'm intrigued that my details have been smothered, i.e. the 
| Register-operator knows them, but they're not publicly visible in the 
| whois directory.  Does that mean that the recent ICANN-USDoC 
| agreement will *reduce* the privacy-protective aspect of whois?

This is a service where you effectively grant power of attorney for your
domain to your registrar, and they mask your details and promise to
forward contact to you.

The recent ICANN USDOC JPA does not alter the WHOIS policy (this
masking service has been offered by various registrars for years).
The community is currently working on a revised WHOIS policy
that rebalances privacy interests. Various documents are at


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