[LINK] Victorian 'Smartcard' data privacy info

Paul B webshark at southernlights.net
Tue Oct 31 17:02:07 AEDT 2006

For anyone interested on the new Victorian Ticketing 'smartcard' privacy information document, the policy is on their website at http://www.myki.com.au/default_privacy-policy.aspx under "TTA Privacy Management Plan and Policy"  (sorry big link I didnt want to paste in).

I found some of it a bit vague, such as the parts about 'the proposed de-identification' of data and when its done?
6.4 "Once the information is no longer needed for customer service reasons, it is proposed that it be irreversibly de-identified. This de-identified 
information may then be used, indefinitely, for transport planning purposes."


6.3 "Information on use of smartcards will be uploaded periodically to a central repository. This information will be retained in a way that can be linked to the registered Cardholders only for as long as it is reasonably needed to answer queries from Cardholders, to reconcile any payments involving other merchants, and for legal reasons. It is understood that there may be a legal requirement to keep at least some information for up to seven years."

'it is understood that there may be a legal requirement' .... I'd have thought they would have worked it out by now.

Not that I'm a critic at all of the system or document, I just thought some parts were a little sparse.


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