[LINK] OFFTOPIC: Legal Assistance in QLD

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Tue Jan 2 18:00:19 AEDT 2007

Hi I was just wondering if any of the QLD based Linkers (or others who know 
people in QLD) can help me.

I need to find a Barrister (or lawyer) in QLD who can assist a family in 
gaining the return of the child, taken into care by Child Safety on 22 
December just before Christmas.

They are a young family, first marriage, first child, 13 months old.

Removed for "assessment to determine if the child is in need of care" 
because he had a runny nose (literally), a bit of diarrhea that occurred 
after following medical advice and because the parents are Vegan.

This is a very straight case managed by an over zealous 24 year old "just 
left uni out to save a child's life" women who has no children and only 
learned from text books.

(Remember Suzanne and I were accused of parenting by Parenting books!)

If you can help in this area or with support for the family who are from WA 
and only been in QLD for four months, please contact me on +61 4 3380 4177


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