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Who needs a copyright legal proceeding against a multinational when you 
have Internet and the worlds media spreading the word for you!

Band says Coke ripped off their song and video


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January 4, 2007 - 8:30AM

They describe themselves as musicians who make "happy, bouncy" tunes, but a 
copyright dispute with a multinational company has flattened the London 
band's upbeat mood.

The band - called 7 Seconds of Love - have taken on soft-drink giant 
Coca-Cola over what they say was unauthorised use of their song, Ninja, and 
the video that goes with it.

A commercial, made in Argentina for South American audiences, appears to 
use the song to advertise Coca-Cola Light. The unsigned band learned of the 
advertisement when a fan asked about it.

The discovery, lead singer Joel Veitch said, led to "righteous fury 
followed by deep irritation".

"Initially, we didn't think much about it, because we don't get Argentine 
television here," Veitch said. "It was when it turned up on the internet 
that we went, 'Oh my God.' "

"To sound like us is OK. To look like us is OK. But it's the two together 
where it becomes a problem," he said.

The ska group, a form of Jamaican music, has no desire to take Coca-Cola to 
court, Veitch said, and could not really afford to wage a legal war because 
of its "extremely shallow pockets" and the fact that all band members have 
day jobs.

In a statement quoted by Sky News in Britain, Coca-Cola said the 
advertisement was done by a local agency, which told the company that it 
was original.

"We have acted in good faith in deciding to air the television commercial," 
the statement was quoted as saying. "Therefore, we are surprised by the 
alleged claim and deeply regret being associated to this unusual and 
unexpected debate."

Veitch said that 7 Seconds of Love wanted to reach a sensible settlement 
with Coca-Cola.

"They could have just called us," Veitch said, "and we would have happily 
made it for them."

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