[LINK] electromagnetic fields effect brain activity

Mike Shearer mike.shearer at jcu.edu.au
Mon Jan 8 09:37:35 AEDT 2007

Stephen Loosley wrote:
> Yes, and I would suggest we put all this together, and start seriously
> looking at science-assisted-extra-sensory-perception .. and of even
> more importance .. science-assisted-extra-sensory-communication.
> And yes at first it may take a hat with 64 EMF detectors, but once we
> know the frequencies (12Hz?), the signal pulse-rates and the various
> neuron-areas which create human electromagnetic brain-wave fields
> (accurate 3D EMF brain-maps), then increasingly powerful computer
> algorithms may mean that 'extra-sensory' (and even two-way) human
> communication is possible. For example amplified 'telepathy' of text?
> Being one species I bet humans process text in much the same way
> with the same frequencies, bit-patterns and brain-neuron locations. If
> so it's reasonable to suppose technology could transfer our mind-info
> directly as one data-stream, and thus, send and receive text directly?
> Cheers,
> Stephen
> ps, with many examples of 'loving-empathy' human communications
> especially, reportedly received telepathically though, I wouldn't be at
> all surprised if, in extreme moments, we humans did have this ability.
Extremely unlikely, ever.  Unless you are satisfied with a fuzzy 
so-broad-its-meaningless message, to which you attach your own meaning 
and then feel that there has been real communication.   Such as you can 
already get with channellers and psychics.

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