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At 09:37 AM 8/01/2007, Mike Shearer wrote:

>> ps, with many examples of 'loving-empathy' human communications
>> especially, reportedly received telepathically though, I wouldn't be at
>> all surprised if, in extreme moments, we humans did have this ability.
> Unlikely, unless you are satisfied with a fuzzy so-broad-its-meaningless
> message, to which you attach your own meaning and then feel that there
> has been real communication.

Yes well .. and between colleagues .. maybe one issue comes down to
expectations .. discuss ESP, and people expect all or nothing ... instant
3D movies.  We *are* finding new extra-sensory neuron-communication
channels (eg, TAARs)  Imho, the neurosciences ought look more at EMF.

Nature. Aug 10  2006
(snip) 442(7103):645-50.

A second class of chemosensory receptors in the olfactory epithelium.

Liberles SD,  Buck LB. 

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Basic Sciences Division.. 1100 Fairview Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98109, USA.

The mammalian olfactory system detects chemicals. as well as social cues that stimulate innate responses. 

Here we report the discovery of a second family of receptors in the mouse olfactory epithelium. Genes encoding these receptors, called 'trace amine-associated receptors' (TAARs), are present in human, mouse and fish. 

Like odorant receptors, individual mouse TAARs are expressed in unique subsets of neurons dispersed in the epithelium. Notably, at least three mouse TAARs recognize volatile amines found in urine: one detects a compound linked to stress, whereas the other two detect compounds enriched in male versus female urine-one of which is reportedly a pheromone. 

The evolutionary conservation of the TAAR family suggests a chemosensory function distinct from odorant receptors. Ligands identified for TAARs thus far suggest a function associated with the detection of social cues.

PMID: 16878137 [PubMed]

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