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> At 11:40 AM 9/01/2007, Stewart Fist wrote:
> >The idea was also promoted by the tobacco companies -- suggesting
> >that environmental smoke in offices may have a protective effect
> >against cancer-causing air pollution.  And by some water polluting
> >companies who dumped toxic waste into aquifers.
> Sounds like the same self-serving cods wallop (my spell checker said 
> these are two words, not one, but I and it may be wrong) that I heard 
> on local ABC this morning. CHOICE is doing an expose on the 
> non-evidence for the support of the effectiveness of herbal cures 
> like aloe vera and lavender oil. A caller who was obviously a 
> 'user'  if not a seller of these products rang the show later and 
> took poor Indira Naidu to task for bias toward the medical 
> establishment. I had to laugh because the caller couldn't see her own 
> bias when she 'swore' by the positive impact of these 'cures' based 
> on some pseudo-'science' examples comparing the effects of potato 
> skins on healing burns with no scars and no pain in 15 minutes. Of 
> course she wouldn't listen to the show's compare, Lindy Burns (no 
> pun, real name), who asked why scientific tests would be so wrong? 

Am I the only one here old enough to remember the Club of Rome? Of
course, those weren't scientific tests, they were computer models. Like
most of the "scientific" predictions of today.


> The caller was so exasperated! Of course not everything that is good 
> can be measured!
> I nearly peed myself! There's no debating illogic with some people 
> who truly 'believe'. (George Bush et al come to mind as well.)
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