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At 12:47 PM 9/01/2007, Alan L Tyree wrote:
> > course she wouldn't listen to the show's compare, Lindy Burns (no
> > pun, real name), who asked why scientific tests would be so wrong?
>Am I the only one here old enough to remember the Club of Rome? Of
>course, those weren't scientific tests, they were computer models. Like
>most of the "scientific" predictions of today.

I remember them from the world of 'conspiracies', but not as it would 
relate to scientific analysis.

>Taking first/second year Psychology at University has been a bit of an
>eye-opener. They talk about the "human, heal thyself" rates in relation
>to the placebo effect. The second year courses really seem to try and
>drill into people that they're looking not only for statistically significant
>effects but improved healing rates from the baseline self-healing rate.
>Sometimes I wish this kind of exposure to critical thinking was a requirement
>at upper secondary schooling levels but I know how unrealistic that'd be.

I was going to mention the concept of 'wait a awhile and it will get 
better' which fits colds and many other ailments. I reckon we could 
reduce our health costs by about 30% merely by pointing this out to 
new mothers.


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