[LINK] electromagnetic fields effect brain activity

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At 12:40 PM 9/01/2007, Stewart Fist wrote:
>But that tells you nothing about giving low-doses to the rat over a two-year
>life span unless you extend the program of research, and that will cost
>about $2 million to get statistically significant numbers with rats.
>And even then you can't extrapolate to a 90 year human life-span.

That was the problem with most long-term effects things we are seeing 
today. Asbestos was always 'sold' as good fire-retardent. I remember 
that when I was a kid. So it's no wonder it was used in buildings! 
Economic reasons, right? I don't need to mention tobacco which is 
obvious. Lead in paint is another, as is the mercury used in amalgam 
tooth fillings. How were the effects of these eventually discovered 
since they are obviously now known as problems over time?


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