[LINK] Spam again

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Wed Jan 10 09:03:06 AEDT 2007

It is probably unrelated, but since yesterday afternoon I got about
15,000 "backscatter" emails - probably 200 Megabytes - from a
Netspace.net.au mail server and one in France, dutifully reporting that
a message I supposedly sent was addressed to a non-existent account.  It
was a NAB phishing email.  Some other backscatter messages contained the
whole thing, and it was sent from a user's machine in France.

I also got a few unpleasant emails from disgruntled recipients.

It would probably be possible to block the main two sources of
backscatter with Postfix header checks, but instead a set up a filter in
my Maildrop mailfilter file, and dumped the lot in a mailbox.

 - Robin

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