[LINK] Vista Casts A Pall On PC Gaming

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Wed Jan 10 10:00:11 AEDT 2007

One of the features/problems with Windows is that it has set out to be all
things to everyone.

The new security and DRM features of Vista are starting to reduce the ubiquitous
nature of an OS that is actually not an OS, but a mishmash of OS and

Vista could well be the tipping point for the OS world causing fragmentation.

If the interfaces and general behaviours of future OS and apps stay similar to
that of Windows, then the only true benefit of Windows might be maintained.

IMHO Linux is an OS, Windows can never be. Windows was a marketing tool which
has reached its natural end of life.


Opinion: 'Vista Casts A Pall On PC Gaming'
January 9, 2007

Will new features in Windows Vista have a chilling effect on indie PC game
development? In this exclusive Gamasutra opinion piece, WildTangent founder and
CEO Alex St. John highlights obstructive security controls embedded in Vista
that threaten to do just that.



Bernard Robertson-Dunn
Sydney Australia
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