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Why is Hitler's Germany being included in these lists as a "secular state".

To my knowledge, most of those in the top Nazi hierarchy were Christians,
and Hitler certainly was an Austrian Catholic.  He was no more 'lapsed' than
was Churchill or Roosevelt.

Moreover Stalin was the product of many years in a seminary.

And why does the Jesuit dictum of "Give me a child until he is 7, and I'll
show you the man" not extend to Hitler and Stalin?

And why do we only select the 20th Century?

Could I suggest that for 1900 years before that, most of the massacres were
caused by Christians, Muslims, Mongols (who were often Buddhist/Nestorian
Christians or Muslims)

... and before that (as recorded in the Old Testament) they were Jewish, or
Roman Pagan, etc. etc.

I think you'll generally find that massacres are roughly proportional to
religiousity -- and I include political-religiousity in my definition, just
to make my conclusions completely indisputable.

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