[LINK] Vista Casts A Pall On PC Gaming

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Wed Jan 10 21:35:31 AEDT 2007

On 2007/Jan/10, at 1:40 AM, Rick Welykochy wrote:

> Howard Lowndes wrote:
>> Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>>> IMHO your conclusion is correct but not your assessment of  
>>> Windows.  We should acknowledge the contribution
>> "contribution" - do you mean as in viruses, spam, etc...?

Actually the first computer viruses were Mac ones ;-)

> Howard is right. Microsoft has contributed zero in the advancement of
> computing science and IT innovation.

The wheel mouse?

> They have actually set the bar and
> expectations of how computers should perform so low that their  
> software can
> be considered "toy". If you do the research you will find that  
> practically
> anything of usefullness that Microsoft sells has been either ripped  
> off
> (Lotus 1-2-3 ==> Excel), adapted (GUI as but one example) or  
> assimilated
> Borg-style (Mosaic ==> IE).
> Need some concrete examples of their failure to innovate? Microsoft  
> was
> on the web way later than many other technology companies, around  
> 1996 IIRC.
> Their TCP/IP stack had to be imported from BSD. Their IIS web  
> server came
> arrived way after Apache. Their browser came in years after  
> Netscape had
> established firm market position. IE introduced "tabbed browsing"  
> just a few
> months ago, years after Mozilla and Safari.
> The only thing Microsoft has really contributed to is the  
> reinforcement
> of the notion that combines and anti-trust legislation is a toothless
> tiger and the real message in our capitalist system is to rape,  
> pillage
> and plunder as many markets and competitors to "win the game". And  
> don't even
> get me started on the Dr-DOS fiasco.

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