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>Blind Americans demand Web access; Target fights back
>Court battle expected to heat up in coming months
>By Jon Brodkin, Network World, 01/05/07
>Retailer Target's refusal to make its Web site more accessible to the
>has fueled a high-profile court battle that is causing many companies to
>quietly upgrade their Web sites in the hopes of avoiding negative
>and legal liability.
>The case will unfold over the next several months, but a federal judge
>already dismissed Target's claim that Americans with Disabilities Act
>prohibitions against discrimination do not apply to commercial Web
>This ruling, and other advocacy efforts on behalf of the blind, has
>caused a
>number of "major e-tailers" to upgrade their sites to make them
>with software the blind use to access the Internet, says Paul Rosenfeld,
>senior vice president of federal accessibility solutions at the SSB BART
>Group in San Francisco, a consulting firm founded by technologists with


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