[LINK] Digital Culture Talk on Second Life, 14 February 2007, Canberra

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This is in the same series as Vic Elliott's talk on academic 

>NLA Digital Culture talks:
>Flying Librarians of Oz: What's the fuss about Second Life and 
>what's it got to do with libraries?
>Second Life is an online virtual community created by its residents 
>and run by Linden Labs. Over two million people have registered: 
>Dell Computing, Adidas, Harvard Law School and the United States 
>Congress all have a presence there. ...
>Kathryn Greenhill, a librarian at Murdoch University Library in 
>Western Australia, co-ordinates the Australian Libraries Building. 
>She will provide a guided tour of the Australian Libraries Building 
>and discuss some of the benefits to librarians of having a Second 
>Life. See <http://secondlife.com/>http://secondlife.com/
>Time: 12.30 to 13.30
>Date: Wednesday, 14 February 2007
>Venue: Library Theatre
>Entry: Free
>Speaker: Kathryn Greenhill, Librarian, Murdoch University Library, 
>Western Australia
>Introduced by Matthew Stuckings, Reader Services Branch, National 
>Library of Australia
>Bobby Graham
>Web Content Manager
>Web Publishing Branch, IT Division
>National Library of Australia
>Tel: +61 2 6262 1542

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