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Rick Welykochy wrote on 10/1/07 11:40 AM:
> Howard Lowndes wrote:
>> Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>>> IMHO your conclusion is correct but not your assessment of Windows. 
>>> ... acknowledge the contribution
>> "contribution" - do you mean as in viruses, spam, etc...?
> Howard is right. Microsoft has contributed zero in the advancement of
> computing science and IT innovation. 
Their patent portfolio would disagree with you...
They've done printing via direct printer drivers better than anyone -
but it's a false model. The definitive answer is to use a standard
definitive printer language - like PDF or postscript.

They've never practised (perhaps even understood) the basic good
software engineering practices used by all the large, successful OSS
projects - Linux, Apache, Samba, Perl/Python/PHP, gcc, ...
> They have actually set the bar and expectations of how computers
> should perform so low that their software can
> be considered "toy". 
They reset consumer expectations that 'software failed' (often).
There is NO justification for systems software to fail if the hardware
is still running.

Microsoft would've been run out of town by its users if the computing
academic/engineering had ever bothered to lay down the minimum
requirements of an "Operating System" (like 'keep operating', 'maintain
integrity', ...)
Consumers would've successfully challenged them in the ACCC.

The absolute mess we have now is not just MSFT's fault, but the
professional computing and industry associations that have failed to
setup and define (minimum) standards.
> If you do the research you will find that practically anything of
> usefullness that Microsoft sells has been either ripped off
> (Lotus 1-2-3 ==> Excel), adapted (GUI as but one example) or
> assimilated Borg-style (Mosaic ==> IE).
> Need some concrete examples of their failure to innovate?
Microsoft are the World's Best marketers. Seriously. They should be
applauded for that.
And you are *so* correct saying they don't innovate - always follow.

They've always tried to focus on the user - but their version is 'shiny
bits', 'sizzle' and 'bells and whistles', rather than good UI and solid,
useful product.

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> Cynic, moi?
No :-)
> cheers
> rickw

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