[LINK] 1.5 Mbps limit lifted from Telstra's ADSL DSLAMs?

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Fri Jan 12 13:10:16 AEDT 2007

Despite the website telling me the new speed would be available in an
hour, the speed hasn't changed yet.  I called Internode and they said it
would take 2 to 3 days, to notify Telstra.  I will report back when the
change happens.

Craig, I tend to agree with all you wrote.  It wouldn't surprise me if
the DSLAMs were ADSL2 in many exchanges, and it wouldn't surprise me if
they were only enabled to do ADSL2 where there was competition.
However, I don't have any reason, other than your report, for thinking
this is the case.

Hosting from an ADSL line would be fine for some applications, but for
USD$69 a month you can have your own server:


with a 750 GB/month limit and a 10Mbps link to the Net.  I have a server
at the same price (which was a special), at http://www.servepath.net in
San Francisco.  It has less RAM and a slower CPU, with 500 GB/month with
4 IP addresses.  This server has been good since I got it in February
2005: only one freeze about a year ago.  It is currently running FreeBSD
5.3 but I intend to change it over to Debian, since I can't figure out a
straightforward way of doing security updates for FreeBSD.

  - Robin

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