[LINK] 1.5 Mbps limit lifted from Telstra's ADSL DSLAMs?

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Fri Jan 12 13:50:58 AEDT 2007

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 01:10:16PM +1100, Robin Whittle wrote:
> Craig, I tend to agree with all you wrote.  It wouldn't surprise me if
> the DSLAMs were ADSL2 in many exchanges, 

it's a matter of undisputed fact.  even Helen Coonan is aware of it - and if
the minister knows, then everyone else did long ago.

> and it wouldn't surprise me if they were only enabled to do ADSL2
> where there was competition.

well, that's factually correct (Telstra's ADSL2 *IS* only enabled
where there's competition), but the reason for that is hotly disputed
by Telstra. Telstra claims it's because they're scared the ACCC will
force them to make it available wholesale at a reasonable price if
they turn it on everywhere (even though the ACCC has said on several
occasions that they wont*). in reality, they're just not that interested
in provided high speed broadband, so they're just using it as a weapon
to attack competitors.

* personally, i think that the ACCC *should* do exactly that, and do it
regardless of whether Telstra turns it on at all exchanges or just as an
anti-competitive tactic.

> However, I don't have any reason, other than your report, for thinking
> this is the case.

check out whirlpool.  if you have the time to sort out the dross, there's
quite a lot of useful & interesting information to be found there.

> Hosting from an ADSL line would be fine for some applications, 

like brochureware web sites....or about 80+% of all the $10-$20/month
web sites in existence.

> but for USD$69 a month you can have your own server:
>    http://www.ev1servers.net/Dedicated/RTG/servers/valuextreme.aspx
> with a 750 GB/month limit and a 10Mbps link to the Net.  I have a server

yep, and that's not even the cheapest available. of course, you get what
you pay for - cheaper isn't necessarily better (or even as good).

> at the same price (which was a special), at http://www.servepath.net in
> San Francisco.  It has less RAM and a slower CPU, with 500 GB/month with
> 4 IP addresses.  This server has been good since I got it in February
> 2005: only one freeze about a year ago.  It is currently running FreeBSD
> 5.3 but I intend to change it over to Debian, since I can't figure out a
> straightforward way of doing security updates for FreeBSD.

the freebsd ports system is nice, but it's a lot more hassle and a lot
more time-consuming than 'apt-get dist-upgrade'


craig sanders <cas at taz.net.au>           (part time cyborg)

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