[LINK] 50pc of managers could be psychopaths: research

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At 03:45 PM 12/01/2007, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>This means that they are operating in a world where they don't
>adequately understand the details of what's happening. Or to put it
>another way, they lose touch with reality.

Yes, it often is that way. Possibly this is due to the change in 
responsibilities that come with having to think about different 
issues than what you may have done in the 'skills' area. And the 
longer you're in management, the worse it gets because you can't 
possibly keep up with your specialty AND think broadly AND manage 
projects. That's why involvement and consultation is so important, 
but is seldom done. The assumption is that if you make 'the big 
bucks' you need to have all the answers, despite that impossibility. Catch 22.


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