[LINK] PayPal to combat phishing with key fobs

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sun Jan 14 13:07:13 AEDT 2007


"In an effort to protect users from fraud and phishing schemes,
  eBay subsidiary PayPal is preparing to offer secure key fobs.
  The devices, which display a six-digit code that changes every
  30 seconds, will be made available free to all PayPal business
  users, and will cost $5 for all personal PayPal account users.
  Those who opt in on the key fob will have to enter the six-digit
  code when logging in to PayPal."

Some food for thought for banks.

The weakness in the PayPal idea is that the fob is opt-in. The very
people most likely to fall victim to phishing scams are likely not
to opt-in ... or is that a cynical syllogism?


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