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Linda Rouse linda at databasics.com.au
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Hi Roger

>Someone wrote to me:
>>I am a [librarianship] researcher with the State of California. 
>>During a recent project I stumbled across your 1997 review of the 
>>hazards posed by the simplicity of the Dublin Core.  For my own 
>>information only, I was wondering if your thoughts from 1997, hold 
>>true 10 years later 2007 or if you have altered your opinion.
>I've not looked at the state of play in quite some years.
>I'd much appreciate any reactions, and pointers to any useful analyses.

FWIW, I presented a brief paper (20 min overview)  for the DAMAP 06 
Conference back in August last year that has references to current 
thinking re Dublin Core and its use for rich media in digital asset 
There is a pdf of the Powerpoint pres accessible online at: 

>My impression is that a lot of developments have occurred alongside 
>rather than as part of the Dublin Code movement, e.g. DOI, DRM.

Yes - there are a number of related standards now

>The organisation is still there:  http://dublincore.org/about/
>Of course, metadata-based search has been held back by the 
>ease-of-use and surprisingly decent quality (at least for 
>non-professional searchers) of brute-force full-text search-engines, 
>in particular Google.
>Has auto-generation of metadata arrived?

Auto extraction of metadata from ingested assets is certainly a major 
component of high level DAM systems though unique fields like Author 
Title Subject Decription still needs to be added manually to the 
document by the creator.

>Are there convenient mechanisms to support authors to quickly 
>generate metadata for their documents just before they release them?
Some of the better CMS and DAM systems have prefillers for metadata 
and templates for on-the-fly metadata creation with say, a dropdown 
to select a specific subject etc.

Hope this is helpful.

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