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At 10:28 AM 1/19/2007, Ivan Trundle wrote:
>>>Still trying to visualise a straw pole... (How long is it? Can it 
>>>be  used in place of tomato steaks?) ...

Mushrooms actually: "Plant mushroom technology with straw pole", 
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Agriculture department, 2006-1-23 
<>   ;-)

"... The main raw materials which cultivate the mushroom are straw 
poles of crops The by product of processing of farm products (such as 
straw , wheatgrass , maize pole , rape pole ), excrement and urine of 
the weeds , poultry , domestic animal ,etc.. In addition , add a 
certain amount of mineral element. ..."

More seriously, this is the sort of information provided by 
government online services which can help developing nations. Low 
cost computer access could then be used to help improve food production.

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