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Sorry, I forgot to include the actual Abstract

Mobile phone use and risk of glioma in 5 North European countries. Int J
Cancer. Jan 17; 2007

[Epub ahead of print]

Lahkola A, Auvinen A, Raitanen J, Schoemaker MJ, Christensen HC, Feychting
M, Johansen C, Klaeboe L, Lonn S, Swerdlow AJ, Tynes T, Salminen T

Public concern has been expressed about the possible adverse health effects
of mobile telephones, mainly related to intracranial tumors. We conducted a
population-based case-control study to investigate the relationship between
mobile phone use and risk of glioma among 1,522 glioma patients and 3,301

We found no evidence of increased risk of glioma related to regular mobile
phone use (odds ratio, OR = 0.78, 95% confidence interval, CI: 0.68, 0.91).
No significant association was found across categories with duration of use,
years since first use, cumulative number of calls or cumulative hours of

When the linear trend was examined, the OR for cumulative hours of mobile
phone use was 1.006 (1.002, 1.010) per 100 hr, but no such relationship was
found for the years of use or the number of calls.

We found no increased risks when analogue and digital phones were analyzed

For more than 10 years of mobile phone use reported on the side of the head
where the tumor was located, an increased OR of borderline statistical
significance (OR = 1.39, 95% CI 1.01, 1.92, p trend 0.04) was found, whereas
similar use on the opposite side of the head resulted in an OR of 0.98 (95%
CI 0.71, 1.37). 

Although our results overall do not indicate an increased risk of glioma in
relation to mobile phone use, the possible risk in the most heavily exposed
part of the brain with long-term use needs to be explored further before
firm conclusions can be drawn.

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