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At 11:57 AM 23/01/2007, Alan L Tyree wrote:

> A speaker at a recent meeting of the Banking Law Association
> even railed at the whole idea of consumer protection ..

Even eBay are now insisting sellers offer 'secure' consumer protection:

General Announcements

*** Coming soon: Safe payment requirements for new sellers ***  
23 January 2007 | 10:29AM EST

Coming soon we will require sellers who register after 17 January 2007 to 
offer at least one preferred safe payment method of either PayPal or 
merchant credit card facilities, in their listings. Other additional 
payment options which are currently permitted onsite are still permitted. 

This requirement will be enforced starting mid March 2007. 

Please note this will not affect existing sellers who registered before 
17th January 2007. 

As described in our Web Smart: Safe Online Shopping Guide, eBay strongly 
encourages sellers to offer payments through PayPal – it's not only 
convenient to use but it also offers buyers and sellers industry leading 
protection against fraud and theft of financial data. 

Offline payment methods generally don't offer the same level of 
protection or convenience as online payments. Nonetheless, they may be 
appropriate for certain types of transactions and sellers may still use 
listings to offer valid forms of payment, including bank deposit, 
personal or bank cheques, money orders or cash on delivery. 

This new safe payment method requirement will further enhance the safe-
trading experience on eBay for the whole community. 

For more details, please visit our revised Accepted Payments Policy. 

The eBay Team 

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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