[LINK] Consumer computer security

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Tue Jan 23 11:47:49 AEDT 2007

At 09:35 AM 23/01/2007, Roger Clarke wrote:
>[Karen Dearne's piece in Oz IT this morning includes this quote:
>"It is generally that insecurity of end-user equipment is a major source 
>of vulnerability to malicious software, and a properly secured PC is one 
>of the best defences available," [ASIC's discussion paper] says.
>[Can anyone envision this chimera 'a properly secured PC'?]
>[Ah yes, silly me - a diskless device with no wired connection to any 
>network, locked in a Faraday cage to preclude any form of unwired 
>connection.  I suspect there may be a sci-fi story somewhere that involves 
>a device of that nature slowly going mad from the loneliness of it all]

Actually there are SciFi Movies about devices of that nature taking control 
of the whole of the building and killing off the humans one by one because 
it was so lonely!

It developed it's abilities to communicate outside it's cage by oscillating 
it's power making an RF connection.

No, it wasn't in a Faraday cage so perhaps that was an oversight by the 
"inventors" of the system and it's enclosure.  Or a deliberate mistake - or 
a plot point.  I can't be sure :)

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