[LINK] Consumer computer security

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Wed Jan 24 10:55:26 AEDT 2007

> > AFAIK, no bank even has an option allowing the user to limit the IP
> > address(es) that they may login from. i wish they did, i'd find it
> > useful - i have my own /24s and only ever login to my bank from home.
> >
>The bank I work for does,  but we're an Investment, rather than a
>retail/high-street bank (or at least the dept I'm in is - we also have a
>retail branch).  So the amounts of money being traded are a bit more
>than your Joe-Sixpack's balance in his savings account, and our
>customers are more likely to be on static IPs.

I rather like that.  Considering where-ever I go and login from, it's 
always my laptop, and always via an openvpn tunnel to either a server on my 
network or a friends network, and always to and from a fixed IP in an 
address range I control :)

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