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Hi there,

If anyone doubts the speed with which China is embracing
the 'western capitalistic philosophy' (and even with respect
to advertising) consider the following email. Alibaba.com is
China's foremost B2B trading site, and, the only business to
feature Australia Day in any email directly to moi in what one
supposes is their first spam to customers (in my experience).

I bet China's going to catch-up (over-take) re the net real quick:

Unfortunately, for me, I also read a blog-site in India where-in the
writer asserts that for China the North-West Cape area of Aussie
will be an almost irresistible target for their 'quick-and-dirty' nukes
in future because of the resources and near-zero population there.
And even more so if climate changes favour WA, and not China :-(
Who knows? But it certainly seemed to make much sense to him.

Anyway, at 01:24 PM 25/01/2007, Alibaba.com wrote:

We invite you to take our Australia Day quiz!

In the first of many country celebrations, we are promoting Australia to 
coincide with Australia Day, held on January 26th every year.

Simply answer 10 short questions testing your Australia knowledge and 
you'll be entered into a draw to win a pair of Plantronics PC headphones. 
Take our quiz now!  <http://www.alibaba.com/activity/auday.htm>

You can also share your experiences or learn more by:
Posting your comments in our Business Travel Forum 
Reading about Australia in our Country Profiles 

Happy Australia Day from Alibaba.com!

alibaba at alibaba-inc.com 

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