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At 11:45 PM 25/01/2007, Howard writes:

>> If anyone doubts the speed with which China is embracing
>> the 'western capitalistic philosophy' (and even with respect
>> to advertising) consider the following email. Alibaba.com is
>> China's foremost B2B trading site ..

Hm .. mea culpa .. a year ago Alibaba was the largest China/West
b2b website, now Google finds 2 million hits on 'b2b China' (though
Alibaba is still on the page one) such is the growth of China-net.

>> writer asserts that for China the North-West Cape area of Aussie
>> will be an almost irresistible target for their 'quick-and-dirty' nukes
>> in future because of the resources and near-zero population there.
>> And even more so if climate changes favour WA, and not China :-(
> I've seen maps of Australia with the northern half labelled "South 

One guesses India would have the capacity to take and hold NW WA if
they wanted to also. Obviously weather is going to change geo-political
boundaries .. as much through humanitarian necessity as anything else.

Cheers Howard
Stephen Loosley

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