[LINK] Stolen Laptop [was Re: Consumer computer security]

Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Fri Jan 26 19:08:50 AEDT 2007

Marghanita da Cruz wrote:

> I have had a laptop stolen...which makes me a bit wary of storing
> anything on one. I would also be reticent to use a public computer or
> even one in a workplace - but then as I said, I don't use Internet or
> Telephone banking.

How secure do Linkers feel about toting a laptop around with
sensitive/personal data on the hard drive?

Personally, I ensure I encrypt the directories that need protecting,
i.e. my home directory, using AES encryption.

Being a Windows agnostic these days, I do not know if this capability
is available on Win/XP. It is trivial to do on Max OS X, and quite
easy using Linux or other *nixes.

One option on Win/XP would be to ensure all data is read/written
from/to an encrypted memory stick, which BTW also uses AES.


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