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Eleanor Lister eleanor at pacific.net.au
Sun Jan 28 14:35:39 AEDT 2007

Howard Lowndes wrote:
> Rick Welykochy wrote:
>> Regarding the gotterdammerung of Windows security, it will most
>> likely take the actual twilight of the Internet (i.e. last dying gasps)
>> before anything is done to stop the plague of the March of the
>> Windows Zombies. "Allowing" Vista onto the Internet without
>> adequate independent vetting is insanity, pure and simple, imnsho.
> Got to agree with you Rick.  Have a look at my spam graphs for the
> past week <http://www.lannet.com.au/traffic/h168/index.html> to see
> what is happening just in my sphere, and remember that they are
> rejection rates per second.  The big surge in the middle is from one
> machine hosted by Fastservers, but the background has steadily risen
> over the week almost threefold.

and M$ doesn't care .... why?

well, the classic way to take over an established market is to crash it,
buy in dirt cheap, strategic holdings first.

M$ assets to preserve:  GUI building team, Office team, internet share

M$ strategic investments:  their own computer series, Xbox, Xbox 360,
multimedia up the wazoo, still hasn't made a red cent yet.  deal with
Novell over SuSE Linux, hmmm, a real Operating System, a scarce beast in

put this together, what do you get?

1) XP & Vista allow so much spam that it crushes Windowsland, even as it
makes money from Vista, and the collapse in IT investment drives small
OT companies providing services based around open source to the wall.

2) ISPs start collapsing and M$ will be their Angel of Mercy, ending up
one of the major players (deep, deep, pockets).

3) Just when the share price is hovering at about $0.01 a share, buy up
all the shares.

4) the next day launch the WinBox ... SuSE Linux hard coded to the
platform for speed and minimalism, with real security including a
hardware firewall on a chip, built in, and it supports all games, and
goodness me, there's a fresh version of Office that can read all your
existing files, and the whole thing has a newer version of the Aero GUI,
so it's Pwetty!

5) SpamWorld basically just goes away at that point, because the new box
on 95% of the world's desktops is now in the same league as other N*X
systems for security, and you just refuse remote users, remote procedure
calls, and executable code unless expressly permitted (opt in, not  the
dodgy opt out).

6) oh, and did you notice?  M$ gets bigger and badder, and moves onto
our turf (gulp).

7) expect to get burnt as witches.

"she turned me into a newt!"

Eleanor Ashley Lister
"i got better!"
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