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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sun Jan 28 16:46:36 AEDT 2007

Eleanor Lister wrote:

> put this together, what do you get?
> 1) XP & Vista allow so much spam that it crushes Windowsland, even as it
> makes money from Vista, and the collapse in IT investment drives small
> OT companies providing services based around open source to the wall.
> 2) ISPs start collapsing and M$ will be their Angel of Mercy, ending up
> one of the major players (deep, deep, pockets).
> 3) Just when the share price is hovering at about $0.01 a share, buy up
> all the shares.
> 4) the next day launch the WinBox ... SuSE Linux hard coded to the
> platform for speed and minimalism, with real security including a
> hardware firewall on a chip, built in, and it supports all games, and
> goodness me, there's a fresh version of Office that can read all your
> existing files, and the whole thing has a newer version of the Aero GUI,
> so it's Pwetty!
> 5) SpamWorld basically just goes away at that point, because the new box
> on 95% of the world's desktops is now in the same league as other N*X
> systems for security, and you just refuse remote users, remote procedure
> calls, and executable code unless expressly permitted (opt in, not  the
> dodgy opt out).
> 6) oh, and did you notice?  M$ gets bigger and badder, and moves onto
> our turf (gulp).
> 7) expect to get burnt as witches.

Alternative proceedings:

1) as above

2) at the same time, multi-media on the desktop happily greets the
    arrival of the 64-bit machine; Internet 2 coincidentally is going
    great guns and is released with better security and a ban on
    insecure systems like XP and Vista

3) a new desktop is nigh (as has occurred every 8 years for the last
    24 or so): this time it is the ready-to-go 64-bit *nixe systems

4) MS struggles to maintain its hold on the market using out-dated
    32-bit technology and the old Internet, which is falling into
    disuse and disrepair due to the very monster MS originally
    unleashed upon it, namely Windows.

5) Spamworld becomes irrelevant on Internet 2 due to built-in
    encryption and certification; within five years the conversion is
    complete and practically all of the old insecure TCP/IP
    apps have been superceded by their secure and reliable Inet2
    counterparts running on reliable 64-bit *nix servers and received
    with open arms by the now ubiquitous 64-bit *nix desktops, which
    include Macs, BSDs, and Linux

6) During those five years, a major information compaign that openly
    eschews the years of spin and lying the public have had to put up
    with makes it as plain as the http: on your desktop that Microsoft
    is the culprit behind all the woes on (a) your desktop (b) your
    internet and (c) your business. It is time ... time to take the
    upgrade and move on. And millions of SMEs, corporates and consumers
    do as they move on to Inet 2 and the world of 64-bit computing.

7) MS executives get burnt as corporate criminals.


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