[LINK] Vista: Why you shouldn't upgrade yet

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On 29/1/07 10:55 AM, "Howard Lowndes" <lannet at lannet.com.au> wrote:
> My gut says that the reaction will be: "We've already got Office and she
> ain't broke so we ain't gonna fix it."  I don't think Office 2007 will
> get installed corporately until the same timetable for Vista.

Sounds right to me, given that roughly 20% of my small business clients are
still using Office 2002/XP three-plus years after the release of Office

After all, they're not using the vast majority of "features" in the product
they have, so why spend more money?

That's why Microsoft was running that "dinosaur" advertising campaign to
tell people they should upgrade to Office 2003.

Personally, I reckon that instead of spending $200-odd per employee on
upgrading office (plus installation and support costs), they should spend
that money on training (getting staff to use the features so they work more
efficiently) or programming (a few custom macros in Office can do wonders).


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